Application as sampler

The qualified sampling and submission of briquette samples shall only be done by samplers listed for ENplus-Briquettes. Listing as sampler is open to any inspector of an inspection body accredited with a member of ILAC or IAF according to ISO 17020 of type A for wood products. If this requirement is not fulfilled, e.g. in the case of auditors for sustainability certifications like FSC and PEFC, DEPI can approve the listing as a sampler for ENplus-Briquettes in an individual review.

The listing process involves the following steps:

Step 1
Please verify that you fulfill the above mentioned pre-requirements and download the current version of the Handbook for the ENplus quality certification of wood briquettes and the current version of the listing application for samplers from the webpage of ENplus Briquette certification.

Step 2
Submit the listing application and the required certificates via email to

Step 3
DEPI examines the application documents. If the listing requirements are fulfilled, DEPI will publish you as a listed sampler.

The listing is valid for a period of three years. In order to extend it you should request the continuation of this listing at least one month before the validity expires.

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