Imprint and seal use


Each certified company is assigned an individual certification seal, consisting of the trademarked ENplus-Briquette logo and the company's individual ENplus-ID. The use of the ENplus-Logo without an ID requires the explicit authorization by DEPI. The certification seal can be used for marketing purposes in print, on business documents and in electronic form.

Certification seal of a certified company

Each certified product is assigned an individual quality seal. The quality seal consists of the trademarked logo „ENplus-Briquettes“, a logo for the quality class and the Product-ID of the certified product. The Product-ID consists of the ENplus-ID of the certificate holder and a two-digit product number. The individual components of the Product-ID are separated by a hyphen.


Quality seal for wood briquettes of quality class ENplus A1

The quality seal can be used for labelling and marketing the certified products. In order to ensure that each small cask´s origin can be traced, the quality seal must be printed unchanged on the imprint or the foil imprint. The certificate holder may allow resellers of its certified products to use the quality seal on quotations, in advertisements and on the internet.
The inlet or foil imprint of every small cask must contain the following information in the language of the country of destination (see also template in Annex):

  • Product identification “Wood briquettes” and quality class (ENplus A1, ENplus A2)

  • Address and contact information of the certified company including an email address or telephone number in at least 4 mm font size.

  • Quality seal with Product-ID

  • Mass in kilograms of the briquettes in a cask

  • Notice: “Briquettes must be stored in a dry place!”

  • Briquettes from mechanical briquetting presses must contain the notice: “Briquettes expand during combustion!”

  • Briquettes of shapes 1, 2, 3 and 5 must contain the notice: “Not suited for open fireplaces. Briquette can roll off the grill!”

  • Notice: “Use only in approved and appropriate combustion systems according to manufacturer instructions and national regulations.”

  • Graphic depiction of the energetic equivalents to wood billets (33 cm length, 2.8 kWh energy value with respect to calorific value). The graphics are provided by DEPI for each inlet:

Example: Inlet for a cask of wood briquettes 


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